SKM Gisair Oy

SKM GISAIR Oy was established in 1998. We are a private, full service mapping and surveying company, registered in Finland.

We are a small and efficient entity that concentrates on acquiring and managing survey and mapping projects in domestic and international market.

We believe in cooperation and joint venture approaches in completing our assignments, acting as main or subcontractor, as well as consultant. Our aim is always to provide good and timely results to our customers according to given specifications.

Our references from recent years include aerial photography, laser scanning and mapping projects in Finland, Asian countries and Africa. Through our network of connections, we are able to produce the required data also from remote and difficult areas around the world. We are capable to design the project and its production methods according to the requirements, budget frame and time schedule, taking into consideration the specific local requirements and rules.

Main products of SKM GISAIR oy are digital aerial photography, laser scanning, digital basemaps, orthophotos and digital terrain models. The company also has expertise and experience in demanding geodetic surveys, ground control surveys and other field surveys.