Aerial Photography

SKM GISAIR Oy carries out vertical aerial photography from altitudes 500…9000 meters, using the modern digital large format aerial photography cameras. Images (true colour or colour infra-red) are available for 3-dimensional stereo mapping or they can be used for digital orthophoto production.

Laser Scanning

SKM GISAIR Oy carries out laserscanning acquisition either from helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Laser scanning is the most efficient and accurate method to collect reliable information for producing terrain models, or producing digital models of forest, buildings, roads/railroads and electric lines.


SKM GISAIR Oy has wide experience in 3D stereo mapping as well as mapping based on laserscanning point cloud. Latest state of the art digital workstations and software is available for the production.


The key staff of SKM GISAIR Oy has wide experience wordwide in advisory and expert activities for international organizations in projects in developing countries. Our speciality is to provide the client organizations with comprehensive solutions for the data collection and handling in a sustainable and economical way.